Autistic Protection International Force

website and concept under construction - draft version - created 24 july 2016





A- Patronage by sportsmen

This feature is intended to protect autistic children
thanks to the "patronage" by some important persons from the sports.

For instance, if an autistic kid is bullied at school, then a local football player, a boxer, a martial arts master, etc. would go there, and talk to the pupils.


B- Arbitrage in social networks harassment

This feature is aimed at helping the autistic victims of harassment on social media or other places, when the "normal" systems (authorities...) fail to help them.
It can be done by various means, including the anonymous publication of some testimonies.
This addresses also the problem of manipulation by social predators,
for instance when they try to restrict the freedom of speech of those reporting them.




France :

Marian Giacomoni

If necessary, please send (serious) testimonies about other problems made by other persons.



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